28 days in Myanmar: route and advice

Myanmar, previously Burma, was my favourite country to travel around in South East Asia. I met some of the kindest, most generous people I've ever met - which was made even more special since many less people speak English than in countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Everyone was really excited to see me (by and … Continue reading 28 days in Myanmar: route and advice


Just for this moment

In the heart of the Bayon, the centre and focus of the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia, there is a statue of Buddha. It isn't old (the ancient statue was destroyed in 1933), it isn't big, it isn't particularly beautiful or well crafted. It isn't famous or well-loved, it isn't mentioned in guide books - … Continue reading Just for this moment

Top Five Journeys

So it may be a cliche, but often in life, and especially in South East Asia, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Admittedly, not every time I got on a bus was like walking into a music video, and travelling from Saigon to Hanoi in just under two weeks can really put … Continue reading Top Five Journeys

Six Months in South East Asia: What To Pack

I spend a weird amount of time googling packing lists for various trips, so I figured it was time to lend my own knowledge and expertise to the conversation. The advantage of packing for South East Asia is that the climate is really very homogenous: even when it's raining, it's not cold - you aren't … Continue reading Six Months in South East Asia: What To Pack

Top Five Places in South East Asia

While I was travelling in South East Asia, I went to hundreds of amazing and beautiful places. Here is a list of my top five favourite places - the places I'm so glad I went to, and where you definitely have to find time to go. 1. Ta Van, near Sapa, North Vietnam Without a … Continue reading Top Five Places in South East Asia