A Grey Day

Sunlight through clouds

So here I am, in the depths of exam season, stalking travel websites and blogs and making myself feel sad because I’m not on the other side of the world right now. I only got back from Sicily two months ago but it feels like an eternity. To add insult to injury, my best friend is leaving for China on the very day I finish my exams! So I can’t see her because I’m ‘studying’, and as soon as I finish she’s going away.

I am going to go away though, ‘as soon as I get a job’ (I’m a law student, its complicated), and when I’m away I’ll want a blog to show my friends and family what I’m doing and that I’m safe. I also think having a blog might be a good way of recording my adventures and especially my photos. Finally, if I have a blog maybe I can blag some free stuff like everyone else seems to do!

It’s nearly time to make dinner, which is a blessing and a curse since I’m so bored and grumpy there’s no more learning to be done today… but on the other hand I’ve not done nearly enough learning today which will make me even grumpier tomorrow!

Hey ho

Over and out x


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