Sun through palmtrees

In typical me-fashion, I arrived at Palermo airport in the dead of night, with insignificant amounts of money and the confidence of a Google search to get me to my hostel.

I flew with Ryanair (praise to Ryanair) and this was definitely one of the less offensive flights. I was sat by the window on the emergency exit aisle. I don’t know if any of you have sat there before but it is definitely worth of a bullet pointed list:


  • Excessive amounts of legroom: like, easily 60cm of space to store my legs in.
  • A special relationship with the flight attendants: they explain that you are responsible for opening the emergency exits in, well, an emergency. You basically are a flight attendant.


  • You aren’t allowed to have any of your hand luggage with you. You aren’t even allowed to keep your jumper in the vast amount of legroom they give you. It all has to be in the overhead lockets. They are very strict about this. Since I was by the window, I didn’t want to be getting up all the time which meant I could only read one book (The Dubliners, a collection of short stories by James Joyce). I also couldn’t watch a movie on my phone because it was low on charge. I have a portable charger but I’d left the cable in my hand luggage…
  • You spend (ok, I spend) the whole flight playing out apocalypse scenarios in my head which involve the emergency exit which I am in sole charge. You aren’t allowed to open the emergency exit if there’s a fire (oxygen, pressurised environment etc) and so my ‘favourite’ worry was that someone (undoubtedly a big, red faced man) would want to open the exit. I’d have to stand up to him and say, “no, I will not open this door”. He’d push me aside and open the door and nothing bad would happen. We’d be floating in the ocean and everyone would think I was a prick for wanting everyone to die a fire-y death.


Moving On

Finding the bus into town at Palermo airport is easy: turn right out of the airport and carry on until you run out of building. There you will find a small office containing a relatively angry women, several tourists and (hopefully) a bus. You could also share a taxi with 6 other people, the driver will gather the people for you and apparently it’s faster than the bus.

Getting off at the right stop is terrifying. Not in an ‘axe murderer’ way, more a ‘I’m going to make a fool of myself and miss my stop and end up wandering around Palermo asking strangers for directions’ way. All ridiculous because my lovely phone lets me use the internet as usual in certain foreign countries. I guess I’m always nervous arriving in a new place.

Anyway, it was all perfect because more than half the bus got off at the same stop as me and it was all very clear and easy.

Hostel: A Casa Di Amici

One of my favourites. To be honest you have to try quite hard to stop me from loving a hostel. Nonetheless, this one was so clean, free wifi, breakfast included and they sell beer for cheap. Fully recommend and would go again.

Within 20 minutes of arriving I was making friends with some Germans, an Australian and an Argentinian. Within 40 minutes of arriving the Australian and I were drinking beer in this crowded bar with live, folk-style music. It was very cool.

My next post will be a long monologue about my first day in Palermo. I hope you enjoy it but I probably wouldn’t. I don’t think walking around and looking and stuff is really that much fun to read about but, hey, blogging is for narcissists.

I’m sorry there are no pictures, I can’t find anything relevant. Here is a picture of some cats from a totally different holiday.


Over and out x


6 thoughts on “Touchdown

  1. I just could not go away your web site before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual info an individual supply on your guests?

    Is gonna be back often to investigate cross-check new posts

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I stay in the dorms in hostels, so they are much cheaper than hotels. You can also stay in private rooms which are usually the price of a cheapish hotel room. The advantage is that they are usually cleaner/nicer than a budget hotel and there is usually a kitchen so you can save on food by cooking yourself… oh, and of course hostels are much more social than hotels, if that’s what you’re looking for!

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