Cats, Boats & Striped Tents

Catania is one of those cities without a particular focus. Instead, it invites you to walk around, drink coffee, watch people. I spent two days in Catania and maybe one day I’ll write all about it. For now, I’ve picked some of my favourite photos: an eclectic mix, perhaps, but for me each is a story.


I stayed in Agora Hostel. It was nice and fairly cheap. However, it was next to a very noisy bar (in fact, the bar is part of the hostel and you get discounts) and the mattresses are awful: like prison, as the Australian helpfully explained.


This was in fact the same Australian as in Palermo. I re-found him and the Argentinian in the hostel bar. We all had a silly night out and had €3 long island ice teas and ice cream.


The next day I was so hungover that I didn’t go to visit Mount Etna. This was probably a good thing as it rained all day and I didn’t have an anorak. My sensible side says I’m glad not to have been stuck on a mountainside in the rain all day. My romantic side is terribly disappointed. Etna is the tallest active volcano in mainland Europe (i.e. excluding Iceland) so one day I must go back.


The bar next to the hostel had a cave underneath with a river. I broke a glass but it was still quite magical.


On hangover day I went to a coffee shop and the lady gave me a free biscuit. I really liked Catania and if anything I should’ve stayed longer, hit up Etna and maybe day-tripped to Taormina. However, I’d booked my trains in advance and so the next day I was off to Syracuse!


That’s all for now! x


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