How (not) to: Central Europe

Liberty Bridge, Budapest

My trip to central Europe was one of my more successful holidays. It was relatively cheap, I saw lots of things and there were no huge disasters.


Nonetheless, there are always things which any holidaymaker feels could have gone better: more/less days in a certain place; money better spent on a different attraction; a disgusting meal.


I’m putting together a little series on the highs and lows of my miniature interrail (Prague, Vienna, Budapest) so that anyone who’s thinking of doing the same trip (and everyone definitely should, it’s great) knows what pitfalls to avoid.


I took the conveniently named Cadogan Guide to Vienna, Prague & Budapest. It was that perfect balance of history and tourist stuff, without too much useless stuff. I can’t be the only person who refuses to trust those restaurant and hotel recommendations. Plus as if I’ll ever be staying in a 5* hotel!


I flew into Prague airport with Ryanair, got the train between the cities, and then flew out of Budapest. Obviously the system gets very upset when you fly out of the wrong city but aside from paying two transaction fees it wasn’t too upsetting.


I hope you like this series and it inspires you to check out these cities yourself. They are so filled with history and beauty and great people and food and beer… there’s truly something for everyone!


That’s all for now, over and out x


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