A Detour Into The Past

Temple of Concordia

Getting from Enna to Agrigento was tricky. It’s a few changes at the best of times but this was Easter Monday, therefore one train out of Enna the whole day, plus three changes. I arrived in Agrigento in the dark. Following my exhausting (if adventurous) walk up to Enna my mum made me promise to get a taxi to my hostel. It cost nearly €20, which is obviously excessive. I probably should have negotiated with the taxi driver but TBH I was so tired I just took it. If the train had arrived earlier I could have got a bus to the hostel.


Or rather, camp site. I knew it was a camp site. I perhaps underestimated quite how ‘camp site’ it was going to be. We’re talking shower blocks, naked children and disposable BBQs. Nonetheless, I had a nice cabin all to myself which got quite cold at night, but I took all of the blankets from the other beds and had a very cozy time. I sat on the porch during the day and read my book (onto the Dubliners, having finished The Trumpet Major). The pool was closed (too early in the year, I guess) which was disappointing because it was very hot.

My cabin

On the taxi drive to the camp site, the taxi driver gave me a little tour. He spoke only Italian and French, which is incidentally the other language I sort-of speak. Unfortunately, I can’t be the only one whose European roman languages all blend together in their head to form one general melee. Needless to say, he was very disapproving at my franglais/frataliano .



The only reason anyone goes to Agrigento is for the Valley of the Temples.* There are three ancient Greek temples set along a ridge and they are stunning. My advice to get the most out of the experience would be:

  • Get the bus to the temples (even if it takes ages to come, walking there is very tiring). The bus takes you right to the entrance.
  • Get there at soon as it opens. There will be less people and it will be cooler.
  • Don’t linger at the first temples. It’s the least well preserved of the three and you have to walk past it again to get to get out of the park. Head straight to the second one, then onto the third, then back.
You can get a bus from one temple to the other, if you like

*Actually, while waiting for my train I wandered around the town a little. It’s very pleasant and I should have set aside some time to look around without my backpack. As it was, there was no chance of me walking up to the cathedral while wearing my jumpers and jacket and carrying everything else. However, I had a delicious pastry: never underestimate the success of pointing hopefully at the thing with the most cream in it.

A road not taken (but still pretty)

I bought the combined ticket to go into the museum as well, but I didn’t make it in the end. I had been to archaeological museums in Syracuse and Enna and I was just kind of over it. Also, it was very near the end of my trip and I get a bit like that: ready to go home.


In the evening, I walked down to San Lorenzo which was very close to my cabin. I intended to have a beer and then get some delicious fresh sea food for dinner. However, the bar was so generous with the bar snacks that I filled myself up! For €4 (2 beers) I got two bowls of crisps, two bowls of nuts, 8 mini sandwiches, 8 mini pizzas, olives and sausage rolls. Now, when people ask me where they should go on their holiday, I recommend Sicily on the strength of the bar snacks alone.IMG_6782After Agrigento, it was a speedy train back to Palermo before my flight home. Until next time, over and out x


3 thoughts on “A Detour Into The Past

  1. Yeah I know. Once I planned to take the route for Sciacca from Enna via Agrigento but gave up. Even the travel by bus was tricky. Anyway, glad to hear you didn’t adventure and took a taxi!! I agree with your advice on visiting Valle dei Templi, and aperitivo as well!

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