New job

Hello internet! I am very busy because I have evolved from ‘student’ to ’employee’. I had a post prepared but it needs more work so, for now, I though I could share some photos from a trip to St Albans I took with my family a few weeks ago.

Roman Theatre in St Albans

I was surprised by how beautiful the city was, and especially to find such a well preserved Roman theatre. As a town to close to London and so easily accessible by public transport, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists alike. We didn’t have time to go into the cathedral but we saw it from the outside and are looking forward to going back soon. IMG_0771

I also want to thank my new followers for their kind support and comments. I’m trying hard to write helpful and insightful posts and I really appreciate your feedback. I hope you are enjoying my posts and aren’t too annoyed by my typos and bad grammar!A view of the theatre from above

Hopefully my next post will be the new and improved account of my visit to the Vatican. Until next time x


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