What I loved this week

I’ve never written one of these posts before. When I started my blog I only read other blogs as a courtesy but I was so pleased and surprised by the amazing stuff everyone is writing. I’m thinking of making this kind of post a regular thing, if you like it. Let me know!

Also, I have so many followers now and it makes me really happy. Thank you every one of you, I hope you like my blog!

On Burkini Bans and Freedom of Choice over at Black Coffee and Cigarettes: a thoughtful and subtle look at some of the issues surrounding the situation in France at the moment.

This Side of Paradise, by Bespoke Traveler: a beautiful insight into some cultural questions raised by a sleepy Chinese town.

A Steamy Weekend in New Orleans with Roam About Mike: for the most wonderful, jealousy inducing weekend trip I’ve come across for a while.

Accra – should you leave the hotel? From Larks with Laura, for a really immersive, exciting description of a West African market.

Albanian Beauty and its 700,000 Bunkers by Tricia Anne Mitchell, for the strange and wonderful story of the bunkers that litter the Albanian landscape.

Thats all for now – what did you read this week?


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