A day out: Camden Market

A sunny day in Camden Market

Summer seems to have definitely ended around here, but not before I squeezed in one last day out. This week I went to Camden Market with my mum: she’s going on holiday to Rome and wanted some new shoes for all the walking. It’s super close to my house and much more pleasant than going to a normal, indoor shopping centre.

I’ve written about Camden before but not in a lot of detail. You can there there on lots of different buses, or on the Northern Line. We tend to get off at Chalk Farm and then walk down to Camden Town station but be warned – Camden Town station is exit only at peak times (i.e. Sunday afternoon).

Camden is also famous for its night life – I used to come here a lot when I was younger (it is also famous for being kind of lax about under-age drinking)… or rather. It used to be. Camden has changed *a lot* in the last 10 years, becoming safer, cleaner, and more tourist friendly. Obviously this is a good thing for the businesses and what-not, but I still complain about it a lot. Everything was better when the punks were real and you could buy fake drugs, right?

It’s still a great day out and if you’re heading to London, or you live here and never came, you should come on by. There are loads of shops selling things you can’t get in most places, as well as bars and restaurants. There is also a canal running under the main street, which is nice for picnics. Regent’s Park is just around the corner, as well as Primrose Hill, and you can get a short bus to Parliament Hill as well.

One of the most famous things about Camden is the strange shop adverts. I have no idea when it started but loads of the shops have these huge models on the outside. There used to be a shop with a huge roaring lion outside but that seems to have disappeared… These shoes are pretty cool though, and there was also a smoothie shop with giant fruit outside.

It can get really busy on a nice afternoon, so if you’re looking to do actual shopping I would advise coming here early or on a weekday. If you’re just here for the atmosphere, though, then nothing is nicer than a slow stroll down the high street. FYI, the best shops (in my opinion) are right at the back of the Stables, and never ever go into the covered area with ‘Camden Lock Market’ written outside – it smells weird and the clothes are bad quality.

Overall, I struggle to get over the difference between how Camden is now and how it used to be. There is also an unreasonably large amount of incense, which is something you just have to live with. But I only complain because I love it so much, and I hope you find the time to check it out!

Until next time folks x


6 thoughts on “A day out: Camden Market

  1. A second Camden post I see in two days! (Suvi’s was the first) When I was in London for the first time, I went there with sis to track down MTV. Very punk of me. 😀 But I loved the feel. (Also, I wrote to Maja from my last post just as you said. And she wrote back. 🙂

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