On the road again

A last view down a Neapolitan street

Leaving Naples was really quite sad for me. I’d only been there for 4 days and so it felt like I’d barely gotten started. Looking back, there is so much stuff I didn’t manage to do…

My train was at around midday so I had a morning to kill. I decided to go to the Duomo (cathedral), which I’d tried to find on my first day and failed…


It’s a fine cathedral, lots to see and so on. In particular, I enjoyed the slightly hidden underground shrine. I also found a few other churches in the area, and a surprising little market (which was not surprising for any one else, there were lots of tourists) selling little models and puppets and wooden chillis. I’m not one for souvenirs (not enough space in my bag!) but if you were looking for something tacky to give your family, this would be the place to go.

Window in Naples Cathedral

Once back in Rome, I had a few more hours to kill until it was time to go the airport. Let’s not forget, I could happily go to the airport 5 hours early and sit there – better than be stressed about missing my flight. However, I think for some reason I had ended up with a 7-day ticket for lots of Roman sights (something to do with how I bought my Colosseum ticket) and I wanted to make good use of it. Also, I am trying to be stressed and worried about getting to places on time. I decided to visit the Baths of Diocletian because it is right by the station and I had my backpack with me and I am lazy.

Elephant statue in the Baths of Diocletian

The Baths are great, a good way to pass the time, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to visit. There are three sections: the archeological remains, the cloister/sculpture garden from the monastery that was built on top, and a museum about the history of Rome and Italy.

Surprisingly, the museum was probably my favourite bit. It had these really good huge maps of the spread of Etruscan and Roman civilisation across Italy around 500BC, with the Greek power coming in and then receding again. Having spent the past few days knee deep in Greek power, this was very assuring and satisfying. However, I had to leave the museum earlier than expected because there was some high level mansplaining going on which was obviously annoying.

Cloister in the Baths of Diocletian

The ruins were also nice, but not very well preserved (I think I’ve just been spoiled by the awesome-ness of Naples). You could get a moderately good idea of what the Baths would have been like, but nothing like being in Baia…. There was also a huge hall with lots of little statues in, like the one below. I don’t like the hall was actually Roman but I’d love to be proved wrong because it was very impressive. After this it was a quick skip to the train station, a stressful 20 minutes trying out where to buy the coach tickets (you can buy them on the coach) and a very pleasant ride to the airport.

Roman statue in the Baths of Diocletian

Overall, in conclusion, GO TO NAPLES. Rome is fine but Naples is better. Naples is the best. It’s lovely.

For my musical title inspiration for today, here we go:

I didn’t actually realise the quote was from another song until I started trying to find a video for this… hey ho, Willie Nelson is ok.

Over and out x



9 thoughts on “On the road again

      1. Hhahhha. First of all, it’s amazing that I finished the series the same day a journalist disclosed the author’s real identity by following the money. I find this very shitty. Second, I find it amazing how these women are described, bad qualities and all, doesn’t happen often. Third, since I live in Italy, it got me a bit concerned because I recognised similar ‘qualities’ in people around me. Fourth, NEVER doubt yourself just because some people hate stuff you like. I was amazed to read quite many bad reviews as well. Five, Lila or Lenu? This is not a question for me. They hail from such different times and environment. I can only be grateful neither woman is me. I like the storytelling, refreshing forthcomingness of it, it’s just a bit overly simplified at times. Still, very worthwhile.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m trying to ignore the whole ‘real identity’ thing, it’s so irrelevant to what I enjoyed about the books šŸ™‚ I guess I probably enjoyed the first book the most in terms of the writing, but I devoured the third one because I needed to know what happened… and I don’t think it’s worrying that the Italians you know are like the Italians in the book – that just shows how good the character and social observations are!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It became as if a friend was telling me her life story, and in parts when it’s painful I was hurting as well. The human, especially female, nature is nailed. When somebody shows you by example what you can already see around – or even within – you, you recognise the truth. I’ll be happy to read all I can by her.

        Liked by 1 person

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