Today has not been a day for inspiration. I had another ‘why am I not on holiday’ themed almost-meltdown last night, and now everything I’ve ever done seems boring and mundane compared with the excitements and challenges ahead of me, if only I could take the plunge.

But since it’s time for a blog, I figured I’d check out the daily prompt. By happy coincidence, it’s a topic that rings true for so many reasons. In fact, my first thought wasn’t the incessant waiting for my long-waited adventure, but rather the many hours I spend hanging around, often by myself, in strange places. And since sharing is caring…


So here I present a non-definitive list of the random-ass and unnecessary places I’ve spent waiting for things. In a very particular order:

1 hour wandering around the Colosseum, waiting on a tour, only to forget where it started and miss the first 10 minutes.

20 minutes waiting for a tour of the catacombs in Syracuse, knowing that each passing minute made it more likely that I would miss my train to Enna.

3 hours in a still un-identified bus station, somewhere between Manali and Dharamshala. There was a dog and the coffee shop was shut.

4 hours at the airport in Rome. I arrived so early for my plane that the guard actually laughed at me the first time I tried to go through security. I had to go get a sandwich.

50 minutes at the train station in Pompeii, knowing that I was mere moments away from missing the final entry to Herculaneum. Fortunately, they didn’t care and I managed to sneak in anyway!

6 hours in Salamanca. We hit up a bar to begin with but it shut around 2am, and the first train to Madrid was at 6am. We napped on the floor and then justified sitting in the coffee shop by drinking strange Spanish hot chocolate.

7 hours in Amsterdam on a bright August Tuesday. It was our last day of inter-railing, we’d all run out of money, and the plane wasn’t until the evening. We sat by a fountain in the middle of a square and ate stale, left-over sweets.

80 minutes at the bus stop in Monreale, because I missed the bus by like 5 minutes! Also known as, the one time ever in the history of forever that an Italian bus has ever run on time.

9 hours on a bus between Dharamshala and Chandigarh. I got a tremendous burn on one side of my face because I was sat next to the window and I didn’t have any sunscreen.

10 days on meditation camp!


So come on, team, hit me with some waiting stories! Until next time xx


10 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. These are phase of life no one forgets. To quote one, the very first time I landed in Luton, about an hour drive from London, it was 12 in the night. I did not know anyone, but waiting to get picked by a stranger, now a known person. I was all alone near the railway station, did not have a mobile, shivering in cold. Thanks for reminding me.

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