Island in the Sun

Ships in the marina in Alghero

My trip to Sardinia was not entirely what I planned, and that’s not just about the stressful night time walk to find my hostel (not for the last time…). I’d planned to do all sorts of days out and adventures, and while I did some, I spent most of my time lying on a beach.

Windy palm trees in Alghero

I stayed in Alghero (named after the algae, there is quite a lot but it’s manageable) – or rather, just outside in a small village called Fertilia. Alghero is a medieval town, complete with towers and walls and ruins and churches. Fertilia has a great ice cream shop. They are both lovely in their own way.

I stayed in the Hostal de l’Alguer, a nice hostelling international place. It’s lots of separate cabins, which I shared mostly with two Dutch girls. They were great, all dutch sophistication like buying basil leaves along with their cheese and bread at the supermarket. There was also a strange old lady who cycled a lot, and a group of French teenagers who kept to themselves.

On the night that USA played in the World Cup, a whole bunch of Americans  appeared out of nowhere. They were good fun, but afterwards they disappeared again and didn’t stay for beer. The beer was good, and only like €3 for a big bottle. The nice hostel people would also give you free crisps, because Italy.

I settled into a nice routine. One day I would sit by the beach, walk into Alghero for lunch, sit on the beach some more in the afternoon, then maybe pizza or cocktails in Fertilia for dinner. The next, I would go on an adventure. My adventures weren’t as exciting as I planned – they generally started with renting a bicycle and seeing how far away I could get.

One time I tried to get to Neptune’s Grotto. It’s a special cave with stalactites and stuff. I got all the way to the place where the boat left, but I couldn’t work out how to actually get on the boat. I was too shy to ask anyone so I just sat under an umbrella and watched people go swimming and stuff.

A lonely tree in Sardinia

Another time, I went to one of the agricolas. These are like subsidised farms/restaurants, where everything served is made on site. However, when I got there it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner so I just chatted with the owner and left.

Honestly, hanging around in Alghero was much more fun than my adventures. It’s a beautiful little town, with a fruit market selling delicious peaches and lots of tourists. Good tourists, though – Sardinia is where the Italians go for their holidays. Lots of naked children and walnut coloured men and ladies who don’t give a flying fuck what you think of their bikini body. It’s a very happy place to be.

Looking out over Alghero

One night, the Dutch girls and I went to a beauty pageant. We actually missed most of it, which was fine by me since I had a splash of sun stroke, but we hung around for a beer and an ice cream. It’s so nice and very Italian to be out at midnight and surrounded by children running around the square.

I planned to go on a tour of the island, heading down to Bosa and maybe even Cagliari. At the very least, I thought I’d make it to Sassari. But every day I woke up and thought, ‘why bother?’ I had everything I wanted, as well as plenty of books ‘borrowed’ from the hostel bookshelf.

Going on a beach holiday by myself it not necessarily something I’d recommend, or something I would set out to do again, but I’m glad I went to Sardinia. It is an island like no other and I loved every second of it.*

*apart from getting my uni results. That was shitty. But at least I was on a beach.


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