Lamb Curry

Lamb curry

A few weeks ago I made a curry, and it was very good. It was so good, in fact, that I forgot to take a photo of it when it was done. By the time I remembered, I’d eaten it all. I guess I’ll have to make it again…

I basically used this recipe, so thank you Jassy Davis! The only change I made was that I used a squeeze of tomato puree and a handful of fresh baby plum tomatoes instead of tinned – I’m not a snob, I just forgot to put ‘tinned tomatoes’ on the list.

I love lamb neck because it’s so cheap. In fact, I find that all of the cheaper cuts of meat are really the best. I am always disappointed by chicken breasts and sirloin steak, but give me a four pork chops for £2 and I will make the finest escalope you’ve had this week. I am also a dab hand at the weird cuts of a cow – I recently made a beef ragu with ox cheek, which I served with pappardelle and literally basically exploded because I ate so much of it. I’m making it again tomorrow, except I forgot to buy any tinned tomatoes again so I may have to be a little creative…

Garlic cloves

One of my many regrets of my trip to India is that I didn’t eat enough curry.

“Not enough curry in India,” I hear you cry, “but what did you eat?”

It’s different there, you see. Everything has a different name, and nobody will tell you whether something is delicious or so spicy you want to chop off your face so you can carry on with your life. Some people just point and hope, but I wasn’t feeling that, so I ate a lot of butter chicken – it sounded familiar.

When I go back (if I go back) I will try harder. I will eat random things, I will hope for the best. Until then, however, I’m going to eat shit-tons (it’s a technical term) of cheap stewed meat, and it will be great.


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