Halloween pumpkin

Is it too late to still be talking about Halloween? I had a really nice time so I’m going to tell you anyway.

In the week leading up to Halloween I went to a community garden in Hackney. We went quite late, since there was a huge queue earlier in the evening. Inside, all of the children (and definitely some of the adults) had carved pumpkins. They were very magical in the dark, and we drank mulled wine and listened to the band as they finished up. I think there was also supposed to be pizza, but we were far too late for that.

On the actual day itself, I went to a dinner party at my friend’s house. This is the first time this has happened – ¬†a genuine dinner party – but she’s been building up to it for a while. It started with ‘cocktail’ parties, when she got grumpy if we brought our own booze, and then become ‘high tea’ for her birthday. She clearly feels a lot older than we do, since she is buying her own house (that is not a typo, actually¬†buying) and so I guess she wants to civilise us before we are let lose on her new carpet.

Despite being ridiculous and everyone complaining beforehand, I think we had a good time. Dinner was only burgers and fries, which was good because there were no delays, but bad because the extra burgers were only offered to the men and I was still hungry… then again, I am always hungry.

After dinner everyone went to the hot tub, except for my friend who was on her period, and myself because solidarity. Hot tubs are a bit weird anyway, eight people all squeezed into an overflowing bath trying not to spill their drinks or touch feet because, as Jeremy knows, if your feet touch then you have to have sex. I’m glad a took a miss, especially since it would have messed with my skeleton face paint.

Did I mention that? I went as a skeleton. I have two onesies and I alternate – last year I was a dalmatian. You need the same colour face paints either way.

After all of this, we played parlour games – mostly the kind of games where you list things and the first person who can’t think of a thing has to drink. Silly games, since I drink anyway, but hey ho. I tried to leave at 11.30pm by saying ‘oh, the last bus…’ but someone else was driving home via mine so I had to hang around. We eventually left at 1am, my period friend and I, plus a couple who live nearish, all like clowns in the driving friend’s car. I invited everyone in for a drink and the couple and myself ended up drinking a whole bottle of vodka and watching ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ until 6am.

I eventually gave up and went to sleep, and they could have stayed over but instead they went to get the first bus back to hers. I woke up with black face paint on my pillow and a suspicious stain on my carpet.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween pumpkin


4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. You are hysterical, your comments about the hot tub…. I literally laughed out loud. Can’t go wrong with burgers and fries but you totally shouldve snagged another one! What an eventful Halloween it must’ve been!

    xo, JJ

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