Park of Kings

Fountain in Regent's Park

Or rather, of course, kings-to-be… it’s Regent’s Park!

This park, in north-west London in between Camden, Primrose Hill and St Johns’ Wood, has always been a huge part of my life. It’s where I used to go with my family on Sunday afternoons when I was a toddler – the playground is great and there are always plenty of ducks to feed. Regent’s Park is always filled with children and it is a really safe place to play.

Regent’s Park is also right next to London Zoo. I am probably not the only one with ambiguous feelings about zoos and keeping animals in cages, but London Zoo tries to do a really good job. I love going to visit the fish and the meerkats, and the whole place feels a lot better now they have outsourced the elephants to a safari park just outside London called Whipsnade. I wish they would let the birds out though…

Pigeon on a fountain in Regent's Park

As I got older, we used to take the boats out on the lake and have picnics on the vast playing fields. There are lots of schools, universities and communities nearby and they always have football, rugby or hockey matches going on. Recently (ok, like 10 years ago but  still) they built a really cool cafe/changing room. It perches on top of the playing fields like an ulcer (but in a good way). There are also other cafes throughout the park, but they are not as nice as they used to be!

In the past few years we have started visiting the Open Air Theatre a lot. The first play I saw at there was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was incredibly magical – the play starts during the early evening and over its course the sun sets and the stage lights become stronger. For a play like the Dream, obviously this is the perfect setting. There were fairy lights in the bushes, and actual fairies in the bushes who came out to play before retreating in the face of the loud, bullish humans.

Most recently, I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. It was really awesome – the production has been nominated for some awards and they absolutely deserve it. The last time I was Jesus Christ Superstar it was the stadium tour starring Tim Minchin and a guy from a TV show. While it was impressive, seeing the show in this much more intimate setting gave it so much more meaning. It rained the whole evening, but the cast soldiered on and the audience was really supportive every time a stage hand had to come on to clear away the water and make it safe for the dancers!

However, clearly, the important this for this blog is that Regent’s Park is where I went when I first got my lovely new camera. I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, and I hope I’ve inspired you to check out Regent’s Park if you’re ever in London!


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