Golders Hill Park

Orange flower on Hampstead Heath

I like flowers. Always have, probably always will.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? They are beautiful and colourful, and they are really great to take photos of. One of the first things I did when I got my new camera was head to my local park, Golders Hill Park, to take pictures of the flowers.

Golders Hill Park is awesome for lots of reasons. It has a butterfly sanctuary, a zoo, a cafe, a bandstand, a pond, a playground, an ice cream van and a big hill for rolling down like a sausage. It’s a perfect family park, for perfect families to have picnics.

My dad always like to say how surprised and happy it must make people when they move to London, to discover these lovely, clean, well-maintained parks for everyone to enjoy for free. I’ve actually left the country recently, so I know that having public parks really isn’t that unusual. In fact, I’ve probably got more photos of up close, severe up depth of field flowers from Budapest or Vienna than I do from the UK.

Nonetheless, I see his point. Golders Hill Park is perfect and lovely – just like these flowers!

Red flower on Hampstead Heath

Yellow flower on Hampstead Heath

Blue flower on Hampstead Heath

PS I don’t know the names of any flowers, so if someone wants to help me out here that would be awesome!


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