Sunday Morning Rain is Falling


Glasgow Cathedral; or, Holy Moly Check Out My Awesome New Lens!

Glasgow Cathedral

Not much to look at, right? Nothing special, just an ordinary Victorian cathedral in a dreary Scottish town. Even the sky can't be bothered to care. Nothing to see here, time to move on... Or is it? For a start, Glasgow cathedral isn't some boring Victorian replica of a medieval cathedral. King David oversaw the … Continue reading Glasgow Cathedral; or, Holy Moly Check Out My Awesome New Lens!

10 Fun Facts about the Falkirk Wheel

1. It was built to reconnect the Union Canal with Forth and Clyde Canal, and was finished in 2002. 2. It's only really open over the weekend, although you can have a poke around whenever. 3. It was built for tourism, not industry. 4. It uses the energy of only eight kettles to raise 500 tonnes … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts about the Falkirk Wheel

A strange sort of silence

The graveyard in Dunblane Cathedral at sunset

 We set off from Stirling as the sun set, one more thing on our to-do list before we headed home for the evening. A chance mention on an ordinance survey map, combined with a wide-eyed Google image search, had put Dunblane Cathedral on my agenda for my trip to Scotland. Dunblane Cathedral is nearly 1,000-years … Continue reading A strange sort of silence

The City of Stirling

I really went to Stirling to visit the castle, which I've already written about in another post. However, the rest of the town is also really lovely and well worth a wander. On the day I went it was particularly foggy, which made everything must more atmospheric and Scottish. As with when I went to Catania, words … Continue reading The City of Stirling

Old Stirling Bridge

Old Stirling Bridge is not that old. I mean, it's old compared with lots of things: the state of Virginia, USA; the Wallace Monument; sliced bread. But compared with real old Stirling bridge, it's not that old at all. The real old Stirling bridge was the site of the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. In this … Continue reading Old Stirling Bridge